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Last update: July 1, 2014

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‘SNIPPETS’ – a summary of the Presbytery meeting held

June 17/14 at Trinity Centennial United Church, Rosemont


After gathering music and a brief opening worship, we were welcomed to Trinity Centennial by Glen Freeborn.  We then enjoyed a number of ‘routine routines’ that, in their spiritual ability to build community, are far from routine:  Ann Harbridge, our past Conference President, brought greetings and perspective from Toronto Conference; our guests and new members were introduced and welcomed.  Quorum being confirmed, our regal Chair, Joyce MacKinnon, called the court to order at 10:30 am. 


Then, a number of things that we do each meeting were done again:  the agenda for this meeting was approved, corresponding privileges were granted to visitors, the minutes were approved from the various meetings of our Executive and Commissions which had taken place since our last Presbytery, and the Executive was empowered to deal with emergent business until the next Presbytery.


Our four commissions then spoke of some of the issues and concerns with which they are currently dealing:  Congregational Life, Education and Students, Program and Governance.  As part of that, the Governance Commission brought forward some motions:

-First of all, the matter of grant applications to the PTCC (the Presbyteries of Toronto Conference Corporation, the investment arm of our Conference) was revisited.  A motion was passed empowering Governance to approve such motions up to $2000, subsequently reporting them to Presbytery.  (Grant applications for more than that sum would still come to the court of Presbytery.)

-The following grant applications were then approved to be forwarded to the PTCC:  a grant to help fund a Summer Children’s Ministry at Palgrave; a sabbatical grant forKilsyth, Keady, North Derby.


Then, as part of our ongoing responsibility to match our human gift-resources with our needs for leadership, we had the opportunity to discuss, and vote upon, four important positions in our Presbytery:  the Rev. Cathy Hird was elected as our Parliamentarian; Julia Lobsinger was elected as a PTCC Director; the Rev. Kent Ward was elected as our Chair of Governance; the Rev. Heather McCarrel was elected to the Congregational Life Commission 


The Rev. Bruce Gregersen then led us in a sequel discussion on the United Church’s Comprehensive Review Task Group, an initiative otherwise known as ‘Fishing on the Other Side.’  (We began this work at our last Presbytery.)  It proved to be very meaningful, albeit difficult, discussion on how we can best change to be God’s love in the world for our 21st century.


Muriel Lush, who is ever so kind to run the Book Room that we try to feature each Presbytery, gave us a quick review of some new resources that she is offering.


After a break for a great lunch – thanks, Ladies of Rosemont! – we reconvened to share announcements from our churches.  I can only say that there’s going to be a whole lot of delicious eating going on over the next weeks!


We were then offered a presentation for new Presbytery staffing options.  Again, some difficult decisions are at hand …


The Rev. Kerrie Perry led us in a team-building exercise – how timely!


We concluded our session with a genuine celebration of ministry:  retirees and Jubilands were honoured, those leaving their terms of office were thanked, we covenanted with new presbyters, and we celebrated a sacrament of communion as we sought to become one body for the world.


The benediction was pronounced and we adjourned at 3:25 pm – safe home, have a healthy and joy-filled summer!


Next Presbytery (mark your calendars!):

Saturday, September, 20/14 at Georgian Shores in Owen Sound



                             SUMMER SERVICE TIMES

The summer services will be joint beginning with the first Sunday in July.  See schedule below.



            July      6th, 2014      10:30 a.m.

July    13th, 2014      10:30 a.m.




July   20th, 2013       10:30 a.m.

July   27th, 2013       10:30 a.m.




Services resume at both churches,

Sunday, September 7th, 2014.

Trinity               9:30 a.m.

Cookstown    11:00 a.m.


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                                        9:30 a.m.

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