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Note: Please check schedule below for 10:15 am Joint Sunday Services at both Cookstown and Trinity United Churches. 

                     Check out our Events section for what is                                      happening at Cookstown United Church!

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                                                  All are Welcome 

There will be Sunday Joint Services at both Cookstown and Trinity United Churches. Service time will be at 10:15 a.m.  Please check schedule below and mark your calendars!

Jan. 25 – Cookstown UC at 10:15 am


Feb. 22 – Trinity UC at 10:15 am


March 29 – Cookstown UC at 10:15 am


April 19 – Cookstown UC at 10:15 am


April 26 - Trinity UC at 10:15 am


May 31– Cookstown UC at 10:15 am



Once again, the people of Toronto Conference have blessed God's mission with their generous gifts. Thank you!

In 2013, the people of Toronto Conference contributed $3,610,782 for the Mission and Service of The United Church of Canada. This is part of the national Mission and Service total of $28,028,500.

Gifts on the offering plate, through Pre-Authorized Remittance, from United Church Women, and sent directly for Mission and Service truly make a tangible difference in people's lives.

The generosity of the people of Toronto Conference enables a strong annual Mission and Service Fund. Together, we support ongoing ministries and sustain trusted partnerships for the healing of the world, specifically

·        96 global partners in 28 countries acting for peace and justice

·        community and justice work across Canada with 76 community ministries and 44 chaplaincies

·        theological education and ministry support at six theological schools and four education centres

·        faith formation and leadership support, including over 100 outreach programs for youth

·        leadership in your Conference and the other 12 Conferences

·        grants for 102 congregations in transition

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to all the people of the United Church for their generosity with the local church AND Mission and Service. These gifts are a sign of compassion, build community, and offer hope.

Our work as The United Church of Canada is as important as ever. Every gift to the church's Mission and Service is used wisely. Thank you for encouraging generous giving for God's mission through Mission and Service.


Cheryl Curtis Mission and Service Funding Officer


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